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Are you ready for a GP Rural Adventure?

Are you ready for a GP Rural Adventure?

Australia is on the look out for true adventurers: doctors who have the stuff to be country GPs. Passion. Determination. A thirst for conquering the unknown.

Think you've got what it takes? Watch our videos and take the test to find out..

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Go Rural

Go Rural

Easy, no. Exciting, yes.

There's more to deal with in rural practice. Higher rates of obesity, more smokers and drinkers, lower activity, less access to healthcare and cancers presenting later. But you can make a massive difference, helping in your community's preventative health. You'll have better ongoing input into your patient's life too, such as providing health support from the cradle to the grave.

Become a local leader.

GPs are highly regarded in rural communities. Help shape the future of your community and rural health nationally. There are also financial rewards to stay long-term through the government's incentive program, and refunds on your HECs debt for each year of work.

Rural communities offer great lifestyles.

Some lower living costs mean you can enjoy a higher disposable income. There's a wide range of recreational activities, including water activities on dams or rivers, horse riding and spectacular bushwalking. Then there's the friendly community. Get involved in the local social life by joining a sports team, church community or social group. And most things are close by, so you can drive to work or across town in five minutes. Plus there's excellent daycare and schools for the kiddies.

About Us

About Us

We'll help you develop the skills and confidence to build a successful career in rural general practice.

We train doctors to become general practitioners in Queensland. Our goal is to place the right doctors into the right jobs. We want our doctors to become part of the local communities in which they practice, staying long-term in some of Australia's great small cities and regional towns.

We suspect there are many medical students and interns out there who would thrive working as GPs in rural practice. Many of you may not have seriously considered a rural career. There are misconceptions about country Australia that might be holding you back. Open your mind to the possibility. Your personality, values and interests might be perfectly suited to life and work in rural Australia.

Queensland's strongest educational team.

Our team of more than 30 medical educators offer a depth of GP and supervisory experience. Our unique training program teaches core GP skills at local workshops usually in small groups, helping you learn and building your peer network. Topics include Indigenous health, mental health, diabetes, asthma and crying babies. Local educators offer ongoing education and support.

We offer a variety of clinical placements during your training: hospitals, practices, Aboriginal Medical Centres, and extended placements in your areas of interest, including Indigenous health, palliative care and mental health.

About this website

This website was designed to promote our campaign, Choose Your Rural Adventure. Our test is not based on any research and has not been clinically trialed. We made it up with a group of doctors, based on assumptions and stereotypes. But behind the fun is a serious message: you may, in fact, love working in rural practice.

Your brilliant career

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